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Shipping Containers For Sale Northern Ireland

Shipping containers for sale in Northern Ireland offer the perfect solution for onsite storage and preparation to cross international borders. The Container Yard Generators offer extremely portable and affordable storage with solutions to fit a variety of needs.

Why should I use a shipping container?

Companies almost never sell goods instantaneously. The number of items in a warehouse offers a perfect example of the need for storage.

The average warehouse in the United Kingdom ranges from 242000 square feet to 273000 square feet. The Brexit debate will only keep the amount of space used in Northern Ireland quite large by adding a controlled border crossing should no agreement be reached.

What is driving the need for storage space?

Multiple factors drive the need for storage space in the United Kingdom. The average retail warehouse exploded in size from 1985 when the average square footage was only 5000 square feet.

A 12 percent uplift in online sales, as well as the hardening of international borders which creates the need for customs inspections, continues to create demand for space. New and used containers for hire and sale in Ireland are more in demand than ever.

What can a storage container be used for?

Storage containers are the perfect option for creating compact storage spaces in outdoor or indoor areas. Our 40-foot containers come with optional electrical hookups.

Portable cabins and shipping containers in Ireland are also easy to ship. As most people who ship a container to Ireland discover, these stackable options are the only option they need for everything from train transportation to shipping over the open ocean.

How much would a container cost?

Many companies offer to price for distance as shipping containers tend to travel across international borders. This price ranges from 334.13 pounds to ship to Dublin up to 626.87 pounds to reach Marseille.

New and used containers for hire and sale in Ireland do not need to travel. Drop a container in your yard or retail space for between 1072 and 1149.51 pounds.

Manage your yard in an expandable way

The same material that makes shipping containers creates an ideal portable cabin. Avoid paying steep costs for construction by hiring or purchasing a portable cabin.

Our electrical hookups allow you to create the perfect environment for your employees. Add a heater and set up the technology you need to have an efficient yard. When done, send your rental back or sell your cabin, recouping cost in a way that you cannot do with owned buildings.

Where can I purchase portable containers?

40ft shipping container sales in Ireland are the perfect way to grow your operation on demand, shrinking to size in a downturn as well. At the Container Yard Generators, we do exactly what we say by allowing you to create a large amount of modular storage affordably, in a scalable manner, and on-demand.

With an eye for corporate demand and a business built for your needs, we are ready to serve. Contact our container sales team today to find out about our shipping containers for sale in Northern Ireland.

Shipping Containers For Sale Northern Ireland
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