Special Waste Hauling Oshkosh

Special waste hauling Oshkosh

Everyone understands the importance of properly disposing of waste to the health and environment. However, not all wastes are the same. While some can be easily sorted for recycling and binned, certain waste categories pose an immediate threat to human and environmental health.

Such wastes are referred to as special waste, and they must be professionally disposed of to neutralize the hazard. AQS Services understands the delicate nature of special waste disposal, and we have the equipment and professionals to handle the task. Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about or special waste hauling in Oshkosh.

 What are special wastes?

Special wastes are waste types that pose an immediate threat to human and environmental health. Thus, they have to be carefully handled to prevent injury to the handler and specially disposed of to assure everyone’s safety. The most common example of special waste is biomedical waste. However, it’s not the only type of special waste.

What are some other types of special waste?

Some other types of special waste include:

  • Asbestos
  • Ash
  • Contaminated soil
  • Industrial sludge
  • Foundry sands
  • Grinding residue and grit screenings
  • Waste from most manufacturing processes

If your company generates any of the waste types listed above, you’ll need to partner with a competent hazardous waste management services provider for proper disposal.

Do you offer certificates of disposal?

Yes. Our company is duly licensed to carry out safe hazardous waste transportation in Grand Rapids, MI. Thus, we can provide a certificate of disposal for businesses that need it. This certificate can prove useful when dealing with government authorities or bidding for certain contracts. However, we implore you to inform us ahead of time if you’ll need a certificate of disposal because it may take some time to process.

How do you deal with difficult to classify materials?

Certain waste materials may indeed be difficult to classify as regular or special. In such cases, we adopt a unique waste management approach that characterizes waste streams instead of the material. If the waste stream can be classified or tested, we’d know whether the waste should be handled as special or regular. We also offer site waste audits when required. These services are part of our overall analytical and profiling services.

Where do you dispose of your special waste?

At AQS services, we treat each waste as unique. So, we do not have a single location or method of disposing of special waste. What we can guarantee is our commitment to ensuring a safe environment for everyone. This guiding principle ensures that we follow all the necessary waste disposal guidelines when handling special waste or any other waste type at that.

Contact us for top-notch waste removal services

At AQS Services, we specialize in a broad range of waste removal services, including UST removal, soil remediation, special waste removal, etc. We have qualified professionals to handle each category of service, and you can rest assured that working with us is the ticket to limiting your liability to the barest minimum. Get in touch with us at 630-789-3345 if you need any of our services.

Special Waste Hauling Oshkosh

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Special Waste Hauling Oshkosh

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