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Spider Control – Rowlett, Texas

If there is one thing people do not like spotting inside or outside their home, it is a spider. In Rowlett, Texas there are a variety of spiders common to the area. Often, if you spot one, there are others nearby. The professional spider control specialists at Safe Earth Pest Control are experienced in eradicating spider populations. By understanding the species, their mating and breeding cycles, their preferred habitats and what attracts them to a home we are able to ensure we can safely control and remove the spiders from in and around your home.

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Common Spiders in Rowlett Texas

There are over 70 kinds of spiders in Texas; however, here are 7 common spiders that we often see around homes in the area.

Common House Spider – This spider is not very aggressive and likes to hide. Generally, these spiders do not bite unless provoked; however, their bites are not toxic to humans.

Grass Spider – As the name suggests, these spiders prefer to be outdoors; however, in the winter they often make their way inside. They like to hide in corners. These spiders generally do not bike; however, they are mildly toxic.

Orb Weavers – These spiders spin big webs and rarely come inside the house. They are not toxic and generally not a problem. In fact, you may find their webs helpful to controlling other bite populations.

Woodlouse Hunting Spider – These are the types of spiders that give spiders their bad reputation. They are downright scary to see. They have large fangs and prey on termites and earwigs. They will live inside homes and will bite if disturbed. Their venom is non-toxic and feels like a bee sting.

Wolf Spider – This is a big spider and generally, they are not bothersome to humans; although it can be scary to find one in your home due to their size. Their venom is non-toxic to humans but their bit does sting.

Brown Widow – You will often find the brown widow spider inside. Although their venom is more toxic than the black widow, they hardly inject any venom which means if you are bitten by a brown widow, it is not a medical threat for humans.

The Texas Recluse Spider – This is the spider you want to avoid because their venom can pose a medical threat to humans. Anti-venom is available.

If you are concerned about spiders around your home, give the experts at Safe Earth Pest Control a call. We will do a perimeter walk around and inside your home and investigate the types of spiders that may be around and come up with a plan to control and eradicate their population.

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