Spittlebugs are a brownish-tan lawn insect that have 2 bright reddish-orange stripes on their back. These 1/3” long bugs will hop up out of your grass when you walk across your lawn. This can be an indication of an infestation.

Spittlebugs are not a threat to you but, if left untreated, can damage your lawn. They feed on grass blades of St. Augustine and centipede-grass along with multiple types of plants but the amount of damage that shows is generally minimal at first. Stunting the growth of plants and grass, and abnormal leaf shapes are evidence of an infestation of spittlebugs. The spittlebug nymphs pierce the stem of a blade of grass and suck the fluid out. If an infestation is left untreated, the damage can become severe over time. Severe enough to kill the grass or plant.

Sometimes called froghoppers, adult spittlebugs can be found resting with their head held upwards like a frog.

The female can lay several dozen eggs on the leaves and branches of plants or lower crevices of grass blades. Once the eggs have hatched it can take up to 90 days for a nymph to fully mature into an adult. Adults travel around your lawn for the next 6-months feeding and laying eggs.

Signs of an infestation can include:

  1. Froghoppers/spittlebugs hopping around while you’re roaming through the lawn.
  2. White or purple stripes going down the length of grass blades.
  3. A white foamy substance, called spittle, on grass or plants. This substance is created from the nymphs to protect themselves against predators.
  4. Grass or plant leaves turning yellow to brown or abnormal leaf shapes forming.

As with any bug infestation, there may be sign of other insects or wildlife present. Should you experience any type of pest, contact Safe Earth Pest Control today. We have lawn and home plans for all your pest and weed control needs. 214-321-2847