Springtime in Texas is a beautiful time of year. Grass is coming out of dormancy and turning green. Flowers are being planted and blooming. You can see fields of bluebonnets throughout the state. It’s also that time of year insects that have been overwintering begin emerging. What can you expect to see?

As grass is coming out of dormancy, spring weed seeds are also germinating beneath the soil. What does that mean for your lawn? This means, weeds will begin popping up in the thin and weak areas. Weeds grow at a faster rate than grass does. It won’t take long for weeds to take over your lawn. A pre-emergent lawn treatment can help keep weed seeds from germinating and protect your lawn from weeds.

Spring is a time to plant flowers, plants, crops, and fruit and vegetable seeds. But, with planting also comes insects. Some helpful insects and not so helpful insects can be found in gardens, flowerbeds, crops, and throughout the yard. Our helpful pollinators such as bees, butterflies, birds, beetles, and wasps help pollinate, which contributes to our ecosystem and food supply. Pollinators move from one plant to another transferring pollen which fertilizes the plant seeds allowing it to reproduce. Oils, fibers, nuts, fruits, and vegetables are just some things pollinators help our food supply with.

The not so helpful, but destructive, insects to crops and gardens can eat or damage plant roots, leaves, and other foliage. Grasshoppers, chinch bugs, ants, caterpillars, and squash bugs are some of the types of insects to look for.

Ant are one of the insects that can both help and harm your garden, flowerbed, or crop. Ant colonies are under the soil which means they have created tunnels and moved around the dirt. This process aerates the soil allowing the ground to absorb water and fertilizer easier. This helps plants, flowers, trees, and grass to grow. Ants also like sweet nectar and sap. Ants become a destructive nuisance when they begin eating at the stem and leaves of these types of plants. A pesticide treatment will help with the destructive insects so the pollinators can continue their work.

Many other insects begin emerging in the spring as weather warms up and eggs start to hatch. Spiders, mayflies, mosquitoes, beetles, and aphids to name a few.

Safe Earth Pest Control can help keep not only your lawn and garden safe from weeds and insects but your home as well. We provide a preventative pest control service to keep pests out of your home. Our lawn weed and feed service includes: pre-emergent, fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide treatments on a routine scheduled program to keep your lawn thriving. Contact us today to get started. 214-321-2847