Homeowners in Rockwall, Royse City, Heath, and surrounding areas all take pride in having a beautiful lawn. But what type of turfgrass stands up to Texas weather? St. Augustine is a popular choice among homeowners.

St. Augustine turfgrass can stand up to the humid and warm temperatures that Texas has to offer. As well as being tolerant to drought conditions due to their deep soil rooting. This type of grass thrives in Texas and easily chokes out weeds because of its aggressive growth.

There are 3 types of St. Augustine to choose from that work better in Texas.

  1. Floratam that is very coarse and withstands Southern Texas heat and salty moisture.
  2. Palmentto is a less thatch turfgrass which reduces risk of matting together and potential fungus growth.
  3. Raleigh is more tolerant to shady conditions and will continue thriving.

All these types of St. Augustine are a thick green turf grass.

Maintenance for St. Augustine is relatively easy because it is a low maintenance grass. But, as with any type of lawn, a routine lawn maintenance program is important to follow.

  1. In early spring, apply pre-emergent to help keep weeds from germinating.
  2. Fertilize every 6-weeks starting no earlier than 3-weeks after grass turns green and no chance of a late winter frost.
  3. Mowing once a week at the correct height is very important as to not cut the stems. 3-3.5” high is recommended.
  4. Watering the correct amount reduces the risk of damage. Over watering can cause “brown patch fungus.” Underwatering can fold the leaves in the middle and create yellow-brown patchy areas throughout the lawn.
  5. Herbicide treatments when fertilizing helps keep any weed seeds from germinating and creep up in weak spots.
  6. Hiring a professional to help keep your lawn on track gives you more free time.

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