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Termite Control Orange County

Termites are an insect that causes extreme damage to your home or other structure. When you get a termite infestation, you need to take action quickly. The best way to resolve the situation is with professional termite control in Orange County.

What Are the Best Types of Termite Control in Orange County?

There are two common types of termite control in Orange County. Fumigation is a method that we use to remove termites that are throughout the structure. We seal the entire building before we use Vikane gas. The gas remains within the building for three days. The gas permeates the structure and penetrates the wood to remove drywood termites effectively. With foam treatment, we apply one of the products to raw wood in the attic and walls. We use Boracare, Termidor, and Premise termite products. We apply these to the crawl spaces and ground to control termite colonies. These treatments are safe and effective, and you can remain in your home.

Fighting Termite Infestations

Termites are insects that are similar to ants. They feed on wood and other things. Termites are quite common in California because of our warm weather. When termites find a place that suits their needs, they move in and take over. They multiply quickly, and soon you have a problem that you can’t control. Typical over-the-counter sprays and other products are no match for the tenacious termite. These little creatures will get deep inside the wood structure of your home. Unfortunately, they can cause a lot of damage. If you notice termites you probably already have a large infestation. You need to call for professional termite control in Orange County.

Do I Need Repairs to My Home?

Once you get rid of termites in your home, you may find that they did a lot of damage. We have a team of professionals who can make repairs to the wood that termites damaged. Our house wood crew will fix your property and replace the wood to make it as good as new. You can see some damage in plain sight. One of the places that termites like to live and eat is your wood eaves and roof. You need to replace this wood so that your structure functions appropriately and looks good. If you don’t repair your home, it might not be structurally sound.

Schedule an Inspection

If you suspect you have termites, the best thing to do is call Pacific Pest Control. We will come out and inspect your home for termites. We know how to detect termites and will find out rather quickly whether you have a problem and if your home has damage. Termites may live in several areas of your home. We will find the source of the problem and will recommend the proper type of treatment in your particular case. We will also recommend any structural repairs that you need due to termite damage. We will assist you with all your termite needs. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.




Termite Control Orange County
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