Texans are big on their hospitality. We greet everyone with a big Texas smile, wave at cars driving by on our country roads, and invite our neighbors over for a glass of cold sweet tea on a hot summer’s day. Maybe that’s why Texas is ranked #3 in the nation as the most hospitable state to pests.

Rodents, mosquitoes, and cockroaches top the list of pests found in Texas. Of course, we have our fair share of spiders, ants, and scorpions but it’s because of our dry humid conditions that put us on the pest map.

Texas is a breeding ground for mosquitoes especially around our lakes and rivers. Females lay their eggs on top of stagnant water and once those eggs become submerged for either a good rain or someone adding more water to the barrel, they hatch. It’s important not to keep any standing water around your home. It’s an invitation for unwanted blood-sucking pests.

Cockroaches prefer the moist humid conditions of Texas. When temperatures start rising, cockroaches seek out cooler accommodations. Unfortunately, this means your basement, bathroom, or kitchen can become a breeding ground for roaches. These areas provide moisture, darkness (behind or under appliances and in cabinets), and a steady food and water source. Roaches can produce over 200 offspring in less than a year and it only takes a few months for those to be mature enough to start producing their own. It’s important to fix any leaks, clean up spills, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, and take trash out regularly.

With the growing population of people moving to Texas, construction is on the rise. New homes and communities popping up, new restaurants and shopping centers going in (maybe Rockwall will get a new Grandy’s soon), and all this construction to widen roads means insects and pests need to relocate. Ants need to move and create a new nest to colonize, snakes need to slither on down the road somewhere to create another den, and rodents may find comfort in your home. That’s right, your home. Most rodents burrow down in the ground but, often times, you can find them in grassy pastures, in trees, or hollow logs.

When rodents make their way into your home, it’s usually through a hole no bigger than a quarter. Rodents hide out in basements, attics, and wall voids and are very destructive critters. They chew through almost anything they can sink their teeth into. Pipes, electrical wires, wood, and sheetrock. These can add up to costly repairs. It’s important to seal any holes and cracks, keep trees trimmed away form structures, and keep food tightly sealed.

With any pest you’re dealing with, it’s important to seek professional help. Let Safe Earth Pest Control show your pests our version of Texas hospitality. Contact us today. We have a plan to fit all your pest control needs. 214-321-2847