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The grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side. You can have the greenest grass and be the envy of your neighborhood. When you trust your lawn to the professionals at Safe Earth Pest Control, you can covet your own green grass, rather than having to look for greener pastures over the fence. Safe Earth Pest Control specializes in ensuring the lawns of Rockwall Texas are as luscious as possible. Our customers, with their green and weed-free grass, truly are the envy of the neighborhood. Incorporating a weed control and treatment plan into your lawn care regime ensures your lawn is at its best. Weeds can take control quickly. We aim to stop them before they start. Common weeds in Rockwall are grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds. These two weed-types can take over very quickly; however, if treated properly and then with preventative measures, you can keep the weeds at bay.

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Rockwell Texas Weed Control Treatment

Have weeds taken over your lawn? Safe Earth Pest Control is a leading weed control and lawn care company in Rockwell Texas. We regularly work on the lawns of your neighbors. If your lawn is being taken over by weeds, it’s time to eradicate them and keep them from coming back. Our lawn care process is specifically designed for the area, the weeds and the temperature so your lawn receives maximum benefit.

Lawn Care Treatment Plan

Controlling weeds involves both treating weeds that have already taken hold and then applying pre-emergent techniques to keep new ones at bay. Our recommendation is to engage in a treatment plan that involves regular treatment every six weeks over a course of about 6-8 treatments total. A typical plan generally would start in the spring with pre-emergent treatment, lawn fertilizer and weed control. In the summer, the focus turns to fertilizing and spot weed control, with special care so as to not burn the grass. In the fall, there’s more fertilizing and weed-control, along with pre-emergent treatment to keep the weeds at bay over the winter.

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Want to be the envy of the neighborhood with a weed-free lawn. With Safe Earth Pest Control’s Weed Control Services you can be! We treat your lawn as if it was our own! The grass can be greener and that’s our goal!

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Quick turnaround! Bob answered my call when I needed help with ants. He showed up that same day and took the time to educate me on a few things. I am pleased to report that the ants were completely gone by the end of the day! Just in time for my guest to arrive two days later.

Mrs. Rod

Bob gives outstanding service! We always have friendly reminders prior to servicing, and he is always on time! Rates are competitive and treatment is great quality as we never see bugs here!

Heather - Rockwall

We love the service. Tech knew how to kill our ants and keep them out. Thanks!

Josh & Jenn

5 Stars! Would highly recommend! Prompt and courteous. Also did a termite job for me.


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