Many people ask, “Why does my lawn have weeds”? There are multiple answers to this question. Weak areas in your lawn, lack of preventative measures, and improper lawn maintenance are some potential answers.

As your lawn comes out of dormancy at the end of winter and beginning of spring, so do weed seeds. Throughout the winter months grass roots can become weak making it easier for weeds to take over these areas. It’s important to continue taking care of your lawn throughout the winter. Watering at least once a week or every other week is recommended, especially in areas where winter temperatures are warm.

Dethatching your lawn before the first mow of the season is also important. This raking process frees up the matted blades and allows your grass to dry out any moisture that can cause fungus and allows it to breathe easier.

Finding bare or thinning spots should be re-seeded or sod applied. This will allow less room for weeds to fill these areas. Weeds thrive on damaged or struggling lawns.

Lawn height plays a key role for fewer weed chances. If your lawn is cut too short it opens a door of opportunity for weeds. Low cut lawns can have thinner and weaker areas. Maintaining 3-3.5” in height is ideal for a healthy lawn.

Now, let’s not forget how to help stop weeds before they start. Pre-emergent treatment. Pre-emergent helps control weed seeds from germinating within the soil. This type of treatment should be done twice a year. Once in the fall before the first frost and once in the late winter/early spring when soil temperatures are above 55 degrees for at least 3-days straight. This will help winter weeds and spring seeds.

Maintaining routine fertilizer and herbicide treatments in between pre-emergent treatments will also benefit your lawn. Fertilizer feeds the grass the nutrients it needs to thrive, herbicide will eliminate any pop up weeds that have found their way in.

Weed seeds can make their way on to your property by hitching a ride. Wind, animals, people, birds, and lawn equipment can all unknowingly contaminate your lawn with weed seeds.

When people ask why they have weeds, but their neighbor doesn’t, it doesn’t mean they haven’t taken care of their lawn any less than their neighbor. It just means weeds found the lawns’ weak spots and are trying to take over.

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