Here in North Texas, we have many types of both domestic and wild creatures. The good domestic ones, like dogs and cats, keep us company whenever we need them. We show them love and affection and they show us that same love, sometimes with slobbery kisses. On the other hand, we have wild animals that can become nuisances to our homes and properties. There are some houses that are more at risk to have issues with these other fuzzy creatures.

Properties that border or are even just near woods, parks, or open fields tend to have more problems regarding rodents and other wild animals. However, just because you are not located near these, does not mean you will never see them. Some of the more common intruders are rodents. These include Norway rats, roof rats, field mice and meadow voles. Some of the wild animals you may find would include squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and armadillos. That is not to say that you will have an issue with any of these, but wouldn’t it be better to be prepared?

Just like with most any creature, pests or teenagers, food is the key. Always in search of food, these fuzzy creatures will go digging through your gardens or trash if they think they can find some. Mostly they will try to stay outside, but can come inside if they need shelter or couldn’t find any tasty treats. This is when problems start to arise. They can ruin furniture, different parts of your home and even your things! However, this is not the only ruin they bring. Sometimes animals can spread diseases as well as fleas creating an even bigger issue.

There are several ways to rid yourselves of these unwanted creatures:

  1. Removing areas where water can build up that animals could drink.
  2. Repairing any holes around doors and windows.
  3. Seal any holes that you may have on the exterior like around the pipes from your AC unit.
  4. Keeping the house and your yard free of debris robs them of places to hide.
  5. Hire a Professional.

When the only fuzzy creatures you want around you are the ones you love, contact Safe Earth Pest Control so that we can help you get back to showing your family how much you love them. 214-321-2847