Wintertime usually means hibernation for most species but for Texas insects that isn’t always the case. Most insects will hibernate or “overwinter” until spring but with temperatures in the 50’s you may still see activity of some bugs. Ants in particular.

Though, fire ants aren’t much of a concern because they will dig deeper into the soil for winter, cutter ants are a winter threat for the outdoors. Stripping vegetation from plants and trees, these ants are almost impossible to control without proper treatment.

Sugar ants and odorous house ants along with carpenter ants can often be found indoors during the winter where conditions are warmer for them. Carpenter ants and odorous house ants prefer to settle in for the winter but it’s not uncommon, if the temperature is just right, for them to come out for food and water.

If carpenter ants have built a nest within your home, it’s possible they can remain active without treatment. You may find them nesting in a warmer part of the house, possibly near a heater or appliance that gives off warmth.

Sugar ants aren’t just sugar ants. Sugar ant is actually a generic name to cover several species of ants that you may find in your home and all seek the same thing: greasy, oily and sugary foods. Pharaoh ants, Argentine ants and odorous house ants are some of the more commonly known sugar ants.

Starting in the fall when the weather begins to change, ants can start making their way into your home to build a nest. Sugar ants are more invasive because they can get into places other type of ants may not be able to. These colonies have multiple queens allowing their colony to grow rapidly causing an infestation.

Household preventative tips:

  1. Seal/repair any cracks or crevices
  2. Keep countertops and floors clean of any spills or crumbs
  3. Vacuum and mop on a regular basis
  4. Take trash out often
  5. Keep food tightly sealed including pet food
  6. Call a professional

If ants have made their way into your home for the winter it generally means you have an infestation somewhere within your home. Call Safe Earth Pest Control today. We have a plan for all seasons. 214-321-2847