Whether you live in Castle Ridge, The Shores, Heritage Heights or Lago Vista, it’s time to bug-proof your home for the fall and winter months ahead wherever you live.

Most people assume that with fall around the corner and winter right behind, that all insects/pests go into hiding (hibernation) for the winter. Well, that’s not entirely true. Most insects will “overwinter” somewhere safe, usually well beneath the soil, but there’s also the ones that would rather move in with you for the holidays.

Rodents are one of the most unwanted guests at any time of year but when the weather starts to cool, mice and rats begin to find more suitable living conditions for the winter. This could mean your attic, basement or within your walls. Once they have found their way in, they will eat and gnaw on just about anything. Electrical wires, wood, paper and food boxes in your pantry. It’s important to seal any cracks, holes or potential entry points around the outside of your home to keep rodents out. Rodents only need up to ½” to squeeze through to enter your home. If you find evidence of droppings, chewed wires or boxes or see a rodent, call Safe Earth Pest Control to start rodent control measures.

Now, rodents aren’t the only pests looking to come in out of the cold. Termites, stink bugs and American cockroaches (to name a few) are also looking for a winter resort.

Stink bugs, usually, will start making their way into your home around October. Once they find a nesting spot within your attic, crawl spaces or walls they will emit an odor that signals other stink bugs to come join. Once the weather starts to warm up, stink bugs will automatically move out. But… you definitely don’t want them hiding out inside for the winter so it’s important to seal any cracks and crevices and call Safe Earth Pest Control to start your pre-winter preventative treatments.

Termites are among the winter pests that can live within your home when it’s cold outside. As long as you have wood, warmth and water, termites can reproduce year-round unlike most other insects who only reproduce in the spring. This creates more termite colonies and more damage to your home if left untreated. Call Safe Earth Pest Control and begin preventative treatments today.

American cockroaches can find their way inside out of the cold through cracks, poor door weather stripping, pipes and firewood. These huge 2” insects can ruin any holiday fun. Make sure to check firewood before bringing it inside. Replace door weather stripping and door sweeps, if needed, and seal any cracks or crevices. To prevent future invaders… call Safe Earth Pest Control.

What are you waiting for Rockwall, Forney, Royce City and everyone in between? The time is now to start protecting your home from winter critters of all kinds. Call Safe Earth Pest Control today. We have a plan that fits your needs. 214-321-2847