Winter in Texas can be unpredictable as we saw in 2021 with the famous

Ice-ageddon. Getting ready for winter just doesn’t mean pulling out the warm clothes, dusting off the holiday ornaments and cleaning the fireplace, it also means it’s time to winterize your lawn for colder temperatures.

There are several things that should be done in early fall to start the winter process so your lawn will come back healthy in the spring.

Some Texas weather can be hard on your lawn. Heat will damage without proper care and watering and colder temperatures can do the same.

Early fall it’s important to apply a pre-emergent treatment. This will help your grass while it’s dormant giving it the nutrients it needs throughout the winter. You also want to make sure that your final mow for the season is 1” shorter than you normally would cut it. You don’t want to scalp your lawn but by lowing the blade position down one notch, this will keep your lawn from suffocating in colder temperatures. Keeping your lawn between 2-2.5” and debris-free will help it breathe easier. A frost or freeze can mat the blades of your grass making it susceptible to disease and damage if left too high.

Normally you would think, it’s winter time no need to water. Well, in Texas, our winters aren’t consistent and the soil still needs moisture. Watering once a week or once every two weeks during dry spells will help keep the soil moist enough for the roots to stay hydrated and keep your lawn healthy while dormant. Watering before 10:00am is an ideal time so the water has time to absorb into the ground and not evaporate as it would in the warmer afternoons.

When applying a fall pre-emergent, an herbicide application should also be considered. This will help with broadleaf weeds or winter weeds from popping up throughout your lawn during the winter. This treatment will also help once spring arrives. You won’t have to battle getting rid of winter weeds while your grass is coming out of dormancy. It can come back more full and healthier each year.

Most Texans have some sort of irrigation or sprinkler system in place. Adding sensors to your system can aid you in proper year-round watering. Rain sensors will stop the watering if your soil is moist enough and a freeze sensor will automatically turn off your system if temperatures drop to freezing or below.

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