Poa annua is not the name of a bluegrass jazz band it’s actually the name of an annual bluegrass weed that’s found all over the world (even in Antarctica).

This winter weed is one of the hardest to get rid of because its seeds can lay dormant in the soil for years before sprouting. Staying on a routine lawn maintenance program can help with seed germination. Not just with Poa annua but with other weeds as well.

Annual bluegrass weeds start germinating and emerging when the weather begins to cool down in the fall and continues through winter and spring. These weeds die off when temperatures rise above 85 degrees while other weeds take over. It’s a never-ending cycle but it doesn’t have to be.

Keeping grass at a higher height around 3-3.5” and limiting water intake to the lawn during the cooler months will help reduce the growth of annual bluegrass weeds. But these are a fast growing weed that can pop up within a couple days of mowing. Pulling them out with the roots or mowing the flower head off the weed helps prevent them for re-seeding themselves.

As with any weed, weed seeds are easily transferred. They can transfer from the wind, birds, foot traffic, and lawn equipment. Poa annua seeds are no exception. These boat-shaped, bright-green, clumpy weeds can show up anytime, anywhere.

Keeping your lawn healthy

  1. A fall pre-emergent is recommended to keep weed seeds from germinating in fall and winter.
  2. Early spring pre-emergent is designed for those spring and summer weeds adding extra protection from the fall treatment.
  3. Maintaining an herbicide treatment plan designed for your type of grass is recommended to keep unsightly weeds from infesting your lawn.
  4. A fertilizing program gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay strong and full throughout the year.
  5. Watering is the key. Know your lawn. Know how much is too much or too little. Too much drowns the roots of the grass. Too little only waters the weed roots causing grass to weaken and die.
  6. Re-seed your lawn in bare and weak or damaged areas to keep weeds from overpowering your lawn.

Lawns with an infestation of weeds or those that have not had the pre-emergent treatments may take longer to control since seeds have begun germinating. When your lawn is fuller and healthier, it makes it harder for weeds to grow and take over. Contact Safe Earth Pest Control and be on your way to a weed-free lawn. 214-321-2847