Fall and winter are important seasons to help control your spring and summer insects. Winterizing your home allows insects to find other accommodations during the colder months. It also reduces your chances of a larger pest issue when temperatures start to rise and insects emerge in spring.

Most insects will mate in early fall, lay their eggs and allow the eggs to sit over the winter and hatch in the spring. By treating your home regularly, this can minimize the amount of spring hatchings.

There are several preventative measures you can take to help keep insects and rodents out.

  1. Seal all cracks and holes on the outside of home – this eliminates entry areas
  2. Apply wire mesh to outside drains – this eliminates bugs coming in through pipes
  3. Replace weather stripping and door sweep – this creates a tight seal and is also energy efficient
  4. Check seals around windows – insects, such as ants can find their way in through windows
  5. Keep wood piles away from house – insects, such as spiders and beetles, live in wood piles and this makes easy access into your home
  6. Keep yard clean of debris – bugs will use leaf piles to nest under for warmth and safety
  7. Don’t keep temperatures inside too warm – insects and rodents are looking for warmth. By turning down the thermostat a little cooler will help turn them away
  8. Keep food tightly sealed – insects still get hungry in the winter
  9. Clean any spills – spills attract insects, especially ants and roaches
  10. Hire a professional – even in winter when you don’t necessarily see insects, their eggs are still there

Ants, spiders, American cockroaches, stink bugs, and rodents to name a few can all find a way into your home for the winter and lay their eggs. Contact Safe Earth Pest Control today to start winterizing your home and be on your way to a bug-free spring. 214-321-2847