Anything crawling around on 8-legs and can spin a web can’t be a good sign but, in reality, they are. Spiders are beneficial to our ecosystem.

Spiders eat bugs and insects that most consider pests. Pests that invade our gardens, homes, and crops. All of which are important to our everyday living.

Some spiders such as the black widow and brown recluse are not only beneficial in a pest control sense but they are also very dangerous. Both have poisonous venom, that if bitten, can be harmful or deadly if not immediately treated.

Wolf spiders, on the other hand, do not possess the type of venom black widow or brown recluse do. Their venom is very low in comparison and may only cause pain and irritation to the bite site.

Most spiders possess the ability to spin webs as a way to trap prey. Black widows and brown recluse spiders are able to do this while the wolf spider cannot.

Wolf spiders are considered hunter spiders. This means, they hunt their prey rather than waiting for it to come to it and get trapped in a web.

Web making spiders also reside in their webs, however, the wolf spider it builds its own nesting area in logs or wood, in the ground, in plants, or somewhere in your yard under the leaves. They can also find their way indoors to escape the elements outside. You may see them in the garage, window areas, basements or running through the house on a mission.

As much as you want to stomp on these spiders, it’s recommended not to. Some spiders, like the wolf spider, carry their egg sacs around with them and stomping on the spider could result in the sac breaking open and tiny spider hatchlings running everywhere creating a bigger problem.

The solution to this is to contact Safe Earth Pest Control. If you’re experiencing spiders of any kind, it usually means you have a larger insect problem than you think.

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