Who wants to find a spider in their home? I know I don’t. But, living in Texas, there’s no escaping a spider. Wolf spiders in particular.

Wolf spiders ae commonly found living in wooded areas and cotton fields as well as living under rocks, in your bushes and in lawn debris. That doesn’t mean these 8-legged, 8-eyed spiders won’t find their way inside. During the fall, wolf spiders can be seen moving to where it’s warm. Yes, that means they could be moving in with you rent free for the winter.

This may sound as scary as they look, but wolf spiders are actually environmentally beneficial and nonvenomous. How can a dark brown/black hairy 8-legged creature be environmentally beneficial? Well, wolf spiders are actually hunting spiders. They hunt for their food rather than spin webs to catch it. Wolf spiders eat other insects including insects that can destroy crops, making them beneficial.

Wolf spiders are docile and nonvenomous, but it doesn’t mean they can’t bite. They may bite if they’re handled or provoked, leaving a red mark or bump.

Wolf spiders also have their own line of communication. A silk line, that is. When traveling, wolf spiders leave a silk thread-like line that other wolf spiders can follow to find them. Males generally follow this line to find females to mate.

Because temperatures outside fluctuate, the females can be seen in mid-summer carrying her eggs on her back. This helps keep the eggs at a regulated temperature until they’re ready to hatch.

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