Have you spotted the signs of mice in your home? Have you seen one scurrying across your floor? Don’t panic. We have an extermination solution for mice and rodents. If you are looking for Texas Mice Control services, call Safe Earth Pest Control. Generally, mice are not scared of humans and are rather social rodents. They like to feed on grains, and any sign of a food source may be the perfect excuse for them to enter your home uninvited.

Signs You Have Mice In your Home

Droppings - Mice are active at night so you may wake up one morning to find small feces around your home. Check inside or on top of cupboards. Rub Marks - As their bodies brush against your walls or floors, oil smears from their fur may find their way onto your surfaces. Noises - You may hear the sounds of mice, especially at night. If you hear scratching or noises between walls, under floorboards, in your basement or in false ceilings you may have mice in your home. Nests - Check dark, hidden spaces of your home for mice nests. They will usually shred materials to create their nest. Footprints - If you have a dusty area in your home such as an attic or basement you may notice their footprints. One way to check for mice would be to sprinkle flour on your floor at night and check for footprints the next morning. Spotting a Mouse - You may see a live mouse during the day or even come across a dead mouse in your home. Ammonia Smell - Mice urine smells like ammonia and can linger for a long time.  

House Mouse Control

There are a variety of ways to control mice in your home. Cleaning - Mice will leave behind their urine and feces in your home. They carry the risk of disease so it is important you do a deep cleaning throughout the duration of pest control. Home Maintenance - Keep grass cut low, branches cut back, trash cans secure and block any small holes mice might use to get into your home. In addition, keep your grains and cereal in air tight containers in your cupboards and pantry. Professional Mouse Control - A professional exterminator can identify, trap and eradicate mice in your home. A variety of methods may be used including traps and will be discussed with you depending on the severity of the problem. Mice reproduce quickly which means a mouse problem can grow rapidly and become difficult to exterminate on your own. Ensuring a clean living environment, mouse proofing and pest control can be necessary to get rid of the mice once and for all.   The professional exterminators at Safe Earth Pest Control are here to help. We have years of experience helping with rat control. Give us a call today.