Residential Pest Control

Do you have a pest control problem in your home?

We can rid you of unwanted pests in the home with the proper treatment interval. Our team leads the way in customer service and reasonable prices in residential pest control throughout Rockwall, Rowlett, Garland, Mesquite, and other Texas neighbourhoods.

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Call us for a Free Estimate

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We Protect Your Home From Unwanted Pests

Our local Rockwall and Rowlett exterminators are here for you to keep the pests away from your residence and family at a reasonable rate. You will get an initial “cleanout” treatment and then 30 days later the first installment of your residential pest control plan. This ensures we get all the pests that may still lingering with a second treatment.

We spend more time and are attentive to more detail than most other pest control companies. We’re family owned and operated and treat you as if your were part of our family too!

Residential Pest Control Service Plans

Our local pest control exterminators can rid your home of unwanted critters and bugs with a proper treatment plan. No matter what the pest may be our Rockwall exterminators bring 50+ years of experience and a close attention to detail that your family deserves.

We offer quarterly (most popular!), bi-monthly, and monthly pest control treatments, plus annual plans. Depending on the type and level of pest infestation we will help you decide what is the most economical and effective treatment plan for your family and home.

On return service calls our exterminators will re-inspect and re-treat if necessary. It may not be necessary or beneficial to dust every time because treatments can often last for many months. These proactive pest control plans are the best ways to keep the bugs and critters out of your home!


Quarterly (Seasonal) Treatments

  • 5 General Pest Treatments*
  • 5 Thorough Inspections
  • 5 Quarterly Perimeter Sprays
  • 5 Quarterly Eave Sprays
  • 1 Fire Ant Treatment
  • 1 – 20% Off Single Mosquito Treatment Coupon
    *includes 1 initial treatment


Bi-Monthly Treatments

  • 7 General Pest Treatments*
  • 7 Thorough Inspections
  • 7 Perimeter Sprays
  • 7 Eave Sprays
  • 2 Fire Ant Treatments
  • 1 – 50% Off Single Mosquito Treatment Coupon
    *includes one initial treatment


Monthly Treatments

  • 12 General Pest Treatments
  • 12 Thorough Inspections
  • 12 Perimeter Sprays
  • 12 Eave Sprays
  • 4 Fire Ant Treatments
  • 1 – Free Single Mosquito Treatment Coupon

Inside the Home

Interior residential pest control tasks include:

  • Inspect for and remove all visible spider webs.
  • Apply residual dust to all openings in plumbing voids, under sinks, etc.
  • Apply a safe for your family, synthetic chemical derived from a chrysanthemum plant.
  • Glue boards for insect monitoring in the garage and other possible locations.

Outside the Home

Exterior residential pest control tasks include:

  • Treat all weep holes with residual dust.
  • Remove all reachable spider webs.
  • Treat the perimeter of the home with a residual and/or micro encapsulated spray and/or granules.
  • Spray all driveway and sidewalk cracks to prevent a highway for insects and ants.
  • Treat any bushes and plants close to the perimeter.
  • Service any rodent traps around the perimeter.

Professional Pest Control Exterminators

Our local exterminators will help deal with all the common pests in the Rockwall Texas area including ants, termites, rodents, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, and more. No matter the pest we will develop a treatment plan designed specifically for the species and degree of infestation. A pest-free environment is our end goal.

Hiring a professional exterminator can help put your mind at ease. We can assess where the problem is originating, get rid of the pests and stop them from coming back. Doing interval treatments after an initial ‘cleanout’ helps ensure your home doesn’t become home to any lingering unwanted guests.

We treat your home like it’s our own. We’re family owned and operated and value our clients like they’re our family. You can trust that we’ll eradicate the pests that have taken up roots in your home.

We offer a variety of treatment plans to suit your budget and level of needs. Contact us for more information.

Specialized and Emergency Pest Control

Just spotted fire ants for the first time or suspect there are mice living in your home? Safe Earth Pest Control can also help with emergency pest control and fit you into our schedule! We provide the following specialized services to homeowners throughout Rockwall, Rowlett, Garland, Mesquite:


Bed Bugs



German Cockroach








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Our local exterminators, in Rockwall, Rowlett, Garland, Mesquite, and Dallas,
Texas, can rid your home of unwanted critters and bugs with a proper treatment plan
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No matter what the pest may be, our exterminators bring 50+ years of experience
and the close attention to detail that your family deserves.