For many people, there would be nothing worse than having a rat problem in their home or business. If rats have started to invade your space, it’s time for rat control services designed to exterminate rodent problems. Here in Texas, the most common types of rats you’ll find are the Norway rat and Roof rat. Unfortunately, rats like to mate and stick together in groups so where there is one rat, there is likely a pack. As rats generally come out at night, it can be easier to spot the signs of a rat problem, rather than spotting the rats themselves.  

Signs You Need To Call for Rat Control & Extermination

Rat Droppings - Rat droppings are brown or black, tapered at both ends and can be up to 12 mm. Do not touch rat feces with your own hand as it can contain disease. Rub Marks - As rats rub up against your floors and walls, they may leave behind smudges due to the oil from their fur. Scratching Noises - You may hear the sounds of rats, especially at night. Rats are agile and like to climb. You may hear scratching noises coming from your loft or ceiling rafters. Rat Holes - Rats are known to dig burrows for shelter, nesting and food storage. These holes can cause you additional problems as other pests may use the holes to enter the home or the rat may do damage to electrical wiring and other elements of your home. Rat Footprints - Rats can leave foot marks and tail marks in and around your home. Rat Nests - Rats will use items they find to make a nest. Often people will find nests made out of insulation in their lofts and attics.  

Where To Check For Rats

Lofts & Attics - Look in all the corners and inside dark items such as cardboard boxes. You may notice shredded insulation, chewed items and rat feces. Kitchens & Laundry Rooms - Rats like to hide behind large appliances and gaps and holes where pipework or cables enter your home from outside. Crawlspaces, suspended ceiling rafters and walls - Rats don’t want to spend time with you and will often hide in high, dark places where there is not a lot of activity. Generally, rats end up inside your home when they are looking for shelter, looking for a place to nest or looking for food.  Our professional exterminators are experienced in rat control. We know the signs of a rat problem, where to look and how to safely get them out of your house.  We can then ascertain how they got in and create a plan so they don’t come back.   If you are looking for rat control please call Safe Earth Pest Control. We can help.