Safe Earth Pest Control understands spiders are a nuisance.  This is why we offer safe spider control services to the Rockwall, Texas area.

Common Spiders in Texas

Spiders are common in Texas.  Here are the most common spiders in the area:  
  • House spider - non-toxic
  • Brown recluse spider - There is a an anti-venom available for bites from this spider
  • Wall jumping spider - Some people may have an allergic reaction to a bite
  • Black widow spider - their venom is toxic and there is an anti-venom available
  • Brown widow - their venom is toxic but they do not release enough to be a medical threat
  • Wolf spider - their bite feels like a wasp bite
  • Grass spider - non-aggressive spider with a mild venom
  • Orb weaver spider - non-toxic
  • Cellar spider - Often live indoors. Not harmful to humans. They catch flying insects and can help control a mosquito population
  • Woodlouse spider - venom is non-toxic to humans but their bite hurts like a bee sting
  • Crab spiders - non-toxic. Bite hurts like a bee sting
  There are a lot of varieties of spiders in Texas, and with the exception of the black widow and the recluse, most are not harmful to humans.  Some will even help control the population of other pesky bugs such as mosquitoes, termites and earwigs.

When to Call for Spider Control & Extermination

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders.  Even for people who are afraid of spiders, the presence of a spider population around your home might not cause you to want to call an exterminator.  Sometimes, you can easily get rid of webs and egg sacs and move spiders outside and that’s enough to keep their population at bay.   But, if the spider population continues to grow it might be time for further measures.

How to Control the Spider Population

  Eliminate any best and bug population inside or outside your home. If you can eradicate the spiders’ food supply, they will seek a new location. We utilize an integrated pest management approach that combines inspection, prevention, exclusion, sanitation and safe sprays.   Correct spider identification is key as this allows our professional exterminators to take the correct measures.  As an example, for a web builder, we would target the web as this is where the spider spends its time.  For hunting spiders, we would work to target and eliminate the food source.

Spider Control in Rockwall, Texas

We understand that spiders can be a nuisance and are a pest you don’t want around.  Call Safe Earth Pest Control for a consultation.  We can identify the spiders living in or around your home and work out a safe plan to effectively control the population.   Call us at 214-321-2847.