At Safe Earth Pest Control, we’re here to keep your lawn happy and healthy. When you control your weeds, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. Here’s the thing with weeds: once they take hold, they multiply quickly. Don’t become a slave to your weeds; trust your lawn to the experts who work hard to keep weeds away. Safe Earth Pest Control offers weed control services for lawns for all of our valued residential and commercial customers throughout Rockwall and Rowlett. Our goal is to use trusted weed control methods that really work so we get rid of weeds that have already taken hold, and prevent weeds from sprouting up in the future.   Common Weeds in the Area:
  • Grassy Weeds
  • Broadleaf Weeds
  Did You Know? Different weeds respond to treatments differently. That’s why you get the best results when you trust your weed control to the local experts. Our lawn care process is specifically designed for the area, the weeds and the temperature so your lawn receives maximum benefit.   Lawn Care Treatment Plan We generally recommend lawn treatment every six weeks, with about 6-8 treatments a year, depending on the weather and when you get started. Our goal is to keep your lawn as healthy as possible. This means free of weeds, insects and disease! Generally, our treatment plans follow a schedule such as:   SPRING - The focus in the spring is to stop the weeds before they take hold. With lawn fertilizer, a pre-emergent treatment and weed control, your hard will be ready for summer. SUMMER - In the summer we do spot weed control and take special care to not burn the grass. Summer is a great time to continue fertilizing treatments. FALL - Fertilizer treatments and weed treatments are designed to prepare your lawn for the winter. WINTER - We typically do not apply treatment or services in December or January, unless necessary for optimal health.   Call Safe Earth Pest Control Today   We treat your lawn as if it was our own! And we want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood.