Controlling pests is our business so you don’t have to. We know dealing with pests inside or around your home can be stressful, intimidating and even a little scary. You can try a variety of measures but how do you know if any of them really took effect? The thought of a pest outbreak can literally cause some of our clients to lose sleep at night. That’s where we come in.   Safe Earth Pest Control are leaders in Rowlett, Texas Pest Control services. We offer both residential and commercial pest control services and love to help our clients get rid of their pest problem, for good. Our technicians are licensed and experienced in eradicating pest problems and understand how to safely get rid of all the pests you might find in and around Texas homes and businesses. If pests are bothering you at home or your place of business, use our 50+ years of experience and knowledge to get rid of the problem. We offer free quotes and assessments.  

Commercial & Residential Pest Control

Are unwanted bugs and pests encroaching on your personal space at home or your business? Generally speaking, where you find a couple of pests, there could be more. Or, at the very least, a sign of an impending bigger problem. Our Rowlett exterminators are able to provide pest assessments to determine not only how to get rid of the pests, but how to fix the problem where it has started. With over 50+ years of experience and knowledge, our team of pest control experts understand feeding and breeding cycles, and proper treatment intervals. We have the experience to know where pests usually come from along with where they hide. We examine the home/building and yard to fully address the situation. You do not need to share your home or place of work with unwanted bugs and pests. To clear up a residential pest problem, give Safe Earth Pest Control a call today.  

Common Pests in Texas:

Keep your home and business pest free. We have over 50 years experience, reasonable prices and provide complimentary assessments and quotes.